Ladies Night Auction Benefit! (NOMINATIONS)

Thanks for visiting our Website! We are excited to hear your thoughts on who could really benefit from financial assistance directly from the community. We are excited to assist a family/person in need by working together with our amazing volunteer fire department to make it happen. There are just a few things we need to make sure of first! Your nomination must…..

  • live within the boundaries of the RM of Armstrong
  • be giving back by volunteering / helping out somewhere
  • be a Canadian citizen over 18 years of age

If you have a candidate in mind please send us a detailed email about this person/ family, and make sure to speak about our three criteria in the email, We will collect nominations until October 15, 2022 and review them at that time !

NOTE** It’s required that the recipient of this benefit is notified in advance, and must consent to receiving the funds raised on their behalf the evening of the event . Fraserwood hall could be in contact with your nomination in advance of the event.**

Please send your confidential email nomination to